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Márton Estate

The vineyards of Tállya have been considered as key winegrowing areas for centuries. Since 2014, the Márton Estate has been operating the key areas of Tállya, appeared already in the records of the 1600s. These include the Palánta, the Sipos, the Vároldal, the Pipiske, and the Bártfai vineyards.

Each of the first-class vineyard with a varied location is connected to a historical family who was involved in the foundation of wine culture in Tokaj-Hegyalja - and the Márton Estate wants to continue this historic tradition. On the currently eight and a half hectares’ Estate all the typical soil types of Hegyalja can be found, so each vineyard-selected wine coming from here presents the history and character of a different vineyard of Tállya. The first bottling was the ‘Rigófütty’ Hárslevelű (a type of a Hungarian wine), and in 2015, the Estate bottled four different types of wines, which were elegant, complex and vibrant just like the birds they were named after.

The Oroszlános Wine Hotel is not only a hotel and a gastronomic venue but is also the best starting point for discovering the wine region and an important cultural and community basis: a venue for festivals, concerts and evenings of wine culture. In addition to high-quality wine adventures, we offer a wide range of programmes for those who would love to see Tokaj-Hegyalja's treasures and unique facilities.

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