Oroszlános Borhotel

Wine Adventures

The Oroszlános Wine Hotel is not only a hotel and a gastronomic venue but is also the best starting point for discovering the wine region and an important cultural and community basis: a venue for festivals, concerts and evenings of wine culture.

In addition to high-quality wine adventures, we offer a wide range of programmes for those who would love to see Tokaj-Hegyalja's treasures and unique facilities.





  • Cellar tour: a visit to the 70-meter-long and 400-year-old historic wine cellar of the mansion and its exclusive wine vault.
  • Wine tasting with artisan cheeses in the cellar hall with fireplace
  • Panoramic vineyard tour led by the vinedresser along the most prestigious vineyards in Tállya, wine tasting and picnic on the most beautiful vineyard tops of the area
  • Wine programme: a visit to and a wine tasting in one of the family wineries of Tokaj-Hegyalja’s most under-cellared village, becoming acquainted with the wine types of the region, and the processes of grape preparation and winemaking.
  • Grape harvest: taking part in the harvest, the most significant event of the wine region, ordering own-labelled wines
  • Team-building wine games: blind tasting, wine casino, wine knight tournament


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