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Oroszlános Borhotel
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Oroszlános Borhotel

Wine adventures in the heart of Tokaj-Hegyalja

Oroszlános Borhotel Tállya

Oroszlános Borhotel

Our hotel and restaurant are situated in the heart of the World Heritage Wine Region Tokaj-Hegyalja. Tállya once was a beautiful market town and an important commercial centre, and, today, it has a charming outdoor village museum of wine culture. The mansion, built over 400 years ago, has been refurbished to meet the demands of this day and age. Fifteen industrial artists worked on it. Our restaurant is one of the cornerstones of the gastronomy of Hegyalja, where, in addition to the recipes included in the graph notebooks of the women of Hegyalja, the meals of the newest cuisine trends are also presented. 

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